The art of making someone opening up


Some sales books will introduce you to many ways of getting someone to open up on a subject, more often than not on how much budget he has got for your services. I learnt through a book, a friend and experience that talking of today and comparing it to the past was the best way of getting someone to open up. When I offer cours d’anglais à Dijon I do not need to use this technique.

As far as psychology is involved, for some of us who are going through a rough patch and looking for answers and a remission there is in addition to voice therapy, a reality check to undergo. The senses of your body have something to do with it. Why are we not recovering from some past experiences or from a moving especially from one country to another. Because of the senses. Our memory are nods interlinked with each other and cues are there to trigger memory and feelings, better or worse. The surf will have saved someone from deepening into anxiety, the sun will have retained someone from going into depression, the constant support of known relatives or friends who are loyal and consistent in their moods will have avoid panick attacks. The sound of South of France crickets will have relaxed your mind etc The cultural shock is only due to senses clashes. You might be English and will adapt very well in New-Zealand. You might be French from the Southern of France and you might not totally. These are general rules and go beyond single stories of individuals. What this means is that from wherever you are you might adapt very well because of your environment no matter your new place of residence might be 20000 kms away. However land in China from the South of France and you are on for a big culture shock. Senses are memory and memory is opening up or not. We can understand the codes better when we offer cours d’anglais à Dijon as in some people will like to have references and some will just like to have a chat.

If I had to offer the equivalent of cours d’anglais à Dijon somewhere else in an Anglo-Saxon country I will be interviewed, asked references and provide a contract. Things are more grey or less depending on the country and local “codes”.