Review: Enlightened


Review – Enlightened

I welcomed this series, for once it (thanks good lord) was breaking away from those dark murder series which excited viewers all over the world. The sense behind watching crime scenes knowing what it is like, having studied criminology and having worked with real crime squad police in Australia is beyond me; I can understand that watching some lame soap is a way to forget one’s own mediocrity… But watching limbs, bloody crime scenes, knives is just pathetic. Anyway as it was the case with Californication, Enlightened came as a good surprise for me as a new fresh type of series.

Displaying the troubles of mental health is always warmly welcomed. One can find some common points we can see in people derailing and trying to balance back their work with their private life in Enlightened. The will of balancing health and work, the will of change and probably a little bit of anger with the scene when Amy (main character) fantasize on cracking-down on her corrupted employer together with a legion of lawyers and policemen is typical.

The series stars Laura Dern as Amy, Diane Ladd as her loving mum, Helen and Luke Wilson as Levi.

The first season demonstrates some similar stories to those of us who have faced up trying to survive having been made redundant, being downgraded to a lower job in a basement.

However, what transpires is the stupidity of the main character. She does not seem to see her mum is loving her and caring for her, that Amy plays with her mental state and probably her ex husband is the best advise she can get. Amy is a slacker at work and just reminds me of some colleagues I used to when “work” with.

Season 2 turns bloody, with Amy almost becoming psycho. Enlightened becomes Shining. She is paranoid and the series ends with a twisted happy ending. In real life she will have been sued and her paper will never have been published. People will have turned her back on her and most probably her mum will have suffered a heart attack.

All in all I might be wrong, it is true working back or “getting back” into a new life in the UK or Australia is probably more a proof of faith that echoes in most of recruiter’s heads positively.

Enlightened last 2 seasons and it was maybe good enough, the idea was great and the various episods good on average. However, the hacking, the rage etc ruined the positive of this series to help promote mental health difficulties.


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