Review: YSL


I was happily surprised after a “cours d’anglais à Dijon” to see this movie. I was biased by the large quantity and the low quality of recent French movies, however YSL did prove me wrong.

The main actor acts very well and probably holds the whole movie together. One can tell YSL commits totally to his passion, the job of fashion designer.

He later in the movie, which I have mentioned in discussion with a client during my “cours d’anglais à Dijon” happens to become a bipolar. During a moving scene he is kept locked up in a psychiatric hospital where he is diagnosed to his boyfriend with the bipolar disease. He sits arms wrapped around himself sitting in a cell and in a corner, repeating his love for his drawings as an exit to his ordeal. Only does drawing dresses brings him reassurances. I can understand this, his emotion of not being understood his creativity is all he has in the face of strong sedatives he is given. Fashion is his mood stabilizer.

He was probably lucky to be already set in a job when he faced bipolarity and was lucjy enough to be surrounded by a boyfriend and friends. However, he had a liking for illegal drugs and alcohol, which made one wondered about his treatment or what exactly drove YSL out of his despair.

However, it is an engrossing movie and we only hope, “cours d’anglais à Dijon” apart, to see more French movies like YSL.


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